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Title Considérations géographiques sur l’habitat dans la dépression de Petroşani (Carpates Méridionales)
Authors Valeria Alexandrescu
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Abstract For centuries on end, the Petroşani Depression, - one of the very few in the Southern Carpathians – has been a vast pastureland that helped the development of pastoral life. But, the discovery and exploitation of rich brown coal and pit coal made a lot of people from the neighbouring areas, and from longer distances even, come to work here. Consequently, the basic occupation of the population suffered a significant change. In the past few decades, coal being intensively mined and industrial units being built, urbanization got momentum. Today, the Petroşani Depression is one of the highest urbanized areas in this country. Obviously, there is anthropic pressure, too, but the process is kept under control, fact that has enabled a better organization of the geographical space.
Keywords economy, settlements, Petroşani Depression, industrial units
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